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Grades 9-12

Four years of growth. Four years of learning. Four years that make a difference. As a parent, you know these four years are crucial to your teen’s development. It’s a season when they’ll seek their deepest passions, build meaningful relationships, and crave more independence. You want to find a high school that will prepare them for the challenges of college and life.

A school that brings a rich educational experience.

An environment where opportunities abound.

A community that will build your teen’s faith.

At Lakeland Christian School, we strive to provide these things and more. Our high school program is intentionally designed to equip teens academically, 社会, and 物理ly in the light of God’s Word. Below, you’ll get a glimpse of our programs, including:


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Education that transforms THROUGH THE light of God’s Word

在LCS, we deeply emphasize a learning experience based on a biblical worldview. Your teen will experience a culture that 价值s academic achievement, unity, and caring for others.

Strong Academic Track

High schoolers at LCS are equipped with a rigorous college-prep track, resulting in test scores that rank above the local, 状态, and national average.

指导 for the Future

As teens strive for independence, they still need a guiding hand as they plan for their future. LCS provides support through guidance counseling to navigate school and personal matters. A college and career counselor is on staff to provide mentorship related to the student’s college in school choice, career tracks, and application processes.

研究 & Innovation

The RISE Institute at LCS gives high schoolers an opportunity to develop 21st-century STEAM and life skills, including 机器人, mock trial, scientific research, product innovation, entrepreneurship, and more. Your teen will gain knowledge and expertise in real-life industries, such as technology, 业务, and science.

Enriching Learning Environment

High school is about learning through new experiences, finding passions, and igniting creativity. 在LCS, students enjoy a wide range of enrichments through athletics, fine arts, clubs, and activities. Our athletic teams have won 26 状态 championships and offer 39 teams in 14 different sports. We offer a diverse fine arts program, including 艺术, 戏剧, 乐队, 唱诗班, Piano, and more. Clubs and activities such as Student Leadership University, Spanish club, Robotics, and Praise & Worship team provide high schoolers with opportunities to enjoy their interests while bonding with like-minded peers.

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大学 & Career Prep

在LCS, we prioritize strategic academic planning for high schoolers, allowing them to think through college and career decisions.

9th Grade

Students prepare by getting oriented with college planning and resume instructions as well as the PSAT-9 testing. Families also have the opportunity to participate in the Freshmen Parent Meeting, while college-prep conferences for 9th graders are available upon request.

11th Grade

Juniors engage in Individual Junior 大学 Planning Conferences, while parents receive guidance in the Junior Year Parent Meeting. Further training for college essay instruction, PSAT, and ASVAB is provided, with additional opportunities to explore future paths through Class Career Interest Inventory and Career Exploration.

10th Grade

Sophomores are equipped with tools that familiarize them with the PSAT-10 testing, including the Pre-ACT (career inventory) and Khan Academy Student Presentation. Students refine their portfolios through college resume instruction and planning conferences they can schedule throughout the school year.

12th Grade

Seniors further prepare by taking the ASVAB test and receiving guidance on the 佛罗里达 Financial Aid Application for the 佛罗里达 Bright Futures Scholarship. They also receive assistance with college applications, such as submitting transcripts and letters of recommendation.

In addition to the specific year-by-year preparations, all high school students are welcome to take part in the 大学 Admissions Night, SAT/ACT registration, and Mobile Serve (service hours documentation).

A glimpse of where our graduates have attended

  • 阿拉巴马州
  • Alcorn State
  • 安德森
  • Arizona State
  • 奥本
  • 贝尔蒙特
  • Bowling Green
  • 坎贝尔
  • Cedarville
  • Charleston Southern
  • Chattanooga
  • 克拉克
  • 克莱姆森
  • Charleston
  • 大学 of the Canyons
  • 哥伦布
  • 康奈尔大学
  • 戴维森
  • Eckerd
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
  • 厄斯金
  • 佳音
  • 佛罗里达 Atlantic
  • 佛罗里达
  • 佛罗里达 Gulf Coast
  • 佛罗里达 Institute of Technology
  • 佛罗里达 Polytechnic
  • 佛罗里达 Southern
  • 佛罗里达 State
  • 弗曼
  • 日内瓦
  • Georgia Southern
  • Grove City
  • Hillsborough
  • 霍华德
  • Jacksonville
  • Lee University
  • 自由
  • Loomis Chaffee
  • Louisiana
  • 林恩
  • Montreat
  • Palm Beach Atlantic
  • Pensacola
  • Polk State 大学
  • Presbyterian
  • 普渡大学
  • Robert Morris
  • 罗林斯
  • 罗格斯大学
  • Saint Leo
  • 桑佛德
  • 圣达菲
  • Savannah 大学 of 艺术 and Design
  • Seattle Pacific
  • 更短的
  • South 佛罗里达 State 大学
  • Southeastern
  • Southern Utah
  • Spring Arbor
  • St. 约翰的
  • 斯泰森毡帽
  • Stony Brook
  • Texas Christian
  • The 大学 of the 佛罗里达 Keys
  • 坦帕
  • Tennessee
  • West 佛罗里达
  • 特洛伊
  • 杜兰
  • United States Air Force Academy
  • California – Santa Cruz
  • Central Arkansas
  • Central 佛罗里达
  • 孟菲斯
  • 迈阿密
  • North Carolina
  • North 佛罗里达
  • 俄克拉何马州
  • South 佛罗里达
  • Southern Mississippi
  • 瓦伦西亚
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • 华纳
  • Webber International
  • 威廉姆斯
  • Wittenberg
  • Word of Life Bible Institute


LCS Parent

“Lakeland Christian most certainly provides a strong education that is definitely preparing our children for college. 更多的 importantly, LCS provides that strong education in the Light of God’s Word. The teachers, administration, and staff don’t just say they have a 爱 for God and His Word; they live it! They truly 爱 and care for our children in all their needs: spiritual, emotional, 物理, and of course, educational. As Christian parents, what more could we ask for? We are so thankful to Lakeland Christian School for providing an outstanding education for our children.”

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School Culture

A connected community where teens can grow

At Lakeland Christian School, we believe that a positive, godly environment matters in this critical stage of your teen’s development. We encourage high schoolers through:

  • Christ-Centered Community. We promote a community that embraces humility, Christ-centered confidence, and holds each other accountable in 爱.
  • Wisdom Through Learning. LCS creates opportunities for students to build character and develop resilience.
  • Spiritual Cultivation. Peer relationships, intentional discussions with teachers, and mentorship opportunities all provide high schoolers with fulfilling relationships in and out of the classroom.

Campus Safety

A safe place to discover one’s potential

Our secure 27-acre campus is located in a peaceful suburban community in Lakeland, 佛罗里达. Families typically commute for 15-30 minutes, with accessible roads conveniently located in nearby neighborhoods.

Emphasis on 物理 and emotional safety

We prioritize the 物理 and emotional safety of our students. LCS keeps the campus secure through locked doors, visitor check-ins, safety drills, and staff background checks. Emotional safety is also at the forefront of focus — we encourage students to show unity, 爱, and respect for others.

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As you research options for an independent private high school in Lakeland, FL, we’re delighted you’re considering Lakeland Christian School. Schedule a campus tour to explore our engaging, rigorous programs and distinctly Christ-centered culture where your teen can thrive.

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